Free Time Clock App In Microsoft Teams

Clock in and out, and check your times using our Jibble bot for Microsoft Teams

A Macbook with Jibble for Slack

Jibble In & Out

In | Out
A simple command allows you to jibble in and out within seconds. Time is recorded when you jibble in and stops when you jibble out.

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View Your Timesheets

Your team members can view time recorded throughout the week with this simple command.

See Who’s Working


List out all the people that are working or when they were last working by using filters, i.e. all in and all out

Screenshot of Jibble IN Slack

Get Notifications

Choose the channel to which all jibble in and out notifications will be posted. When jibbling in via the mobile app, a notification along with a selfie will be posted to the channel too

List Out Your Day's Entries

Return a list of all your jibbles for the day and the total time recorded. You can use a filter, e.g. log -2 to get the previous days, so in this example it would be from 2 days ago

Use Jibble Free Forever!

To install the Jibble bot simply click the button below
Add JIBBLE to microsoft teams
Sign up or log in to your Jibble account and add the Microsoft Teams power-up.