Free Feature: Geolocation

Track your staff's time and attendance with their locations! Great for field services and on-site support.

How it works

With Geolocation, your staff can Jibble in/out with their phone location (iOS and Android).

  1. Activate the Geolocation feature

  2. Install the iOS or Android app on your phone

  3. Clock in/out with your location

Audit trails & reports

When your staff Jibble in/out with geolocation, you can easily see where they work and how long they have spent at each area. Great for sales reports!

Restrict staff to locations

Assign your team members to specific locations with geofencing to ensure that they can only clock in/out from specified places.

If they are not within range, they can't clock into work.

Enforce location with Policies

If you have a field service team, you might be fully dependent on location-based clock-ins.

In that case, you can set up Geolocation with Policies. When enabled, your staff can Jibble in/out with their location.

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